How To View In Person

If you are going to be in Toronto at some point in the future, and would like to see this collection in person, you can. Simply email me at the address below, and we can work out a convenient time. Up until sometime in 2010, the collection will still be at my house. I live on the west side of Toronto, about 10 minutes from the Toronto International Airport, and about 30 minutes from the centre of downtown.

There are tentative plans for 2010, for some of this material to go on the road. This section will be updated as information becomes available.

For the last 7 years, I had been hoping that the collection would be on display with The Toronto International Film Festival in the Festival Centre building at King & John streets (now called The Lightbox) in downtown Toronto, but it appears that will no longer be the case. Some elements may be on permanent display, but it seems it will be up to them on when and how this material gets displayed. Now, if you are in Toronto, you probably will not be allowed to see it. I will keep this section updated. It may be you have to request up front, in order to view it, but we'll see. I will update this as I know. For now, it is still in my house, where it is completely available, but I will soon be sending items downtown. See it now while you can.

*****UPDATED - JANUARY, 2010*****

I have now completed turning over all my Pickford items aquired prior to Dec.2006, to the Toronto International Film Festival. I still have some items left, as according to the Heritage Canada rules of donation, I must own all items for 3 years. The remaining material will be donated in 2012.

According to a Sept. 3rd, 2009 Press Release issued by The Toronto International Film Festival, my collection will go on display in their new facilities, "The Lightbox", a 5 story building at King & John Streets in Toronto, in Jan.2011 and run for 6 months. Watch this space for further updates.

*****UPDATED - JANUARY, 2011*****

The display will now be open to the public on January 14, 2011, and run for 6 months. As above, it is on the 4th floor, in the 'TIFF Lightbox' building at the corner of King & John streets, in downtown Toronto. It will feature about 300 of the approximately 2000 items I have so far donated.