Search for a Film Legacy
Check out Christel Schmidt's site "Search for a Film Legacy". A very comprehensive site with detailed information on all of Mary Pickford's films.

Mary Pickford Foundation
Check out the new web site for the Mary Pickford Foundation in LA.

Toronto International Film Festival
The Toronto International Film Festival will (hopefully) be the future home of this collection. The new Festival Centre building will be called "The Lightbox" - and you should find a link to it from the Festival's general site below.

The Mary Pickford Blog
Looking for discussions about Mary Pickford? Check this blog. A number of experts including some from the Pickford Institute above, can be found joining the discussions.

Northern Stars
For more on Mary, and all other Canadian stars like Marie Prevost, Fay Wray, Norma Shearer, Mack Sennett, and more, check out Northern Stars.